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Sigmac Utilities

SIGMAC Utilities are programs written in the Sigmac language that are designed to perform specific utility functions. They are designed to be called by other sigmac programs to perform their function and/or return a value. While intended to be called by other Sigmac programs, these utilities also function stand-alone. They often use global variables to set or return a value to the calling Sigmac. There are currently 56 Sigmac Utilities.

For each Sigmac Utility the documentation provides a Description of the utility, the Level of the sigmac, the Syntax of the utility, a list of Global Variables used, a list of Arguments (i.e. prompts), an Example use of the utility, and Notes or other information which is helpful in using the utility.

Sigmac Utility documentation is in PDF format which may be viewed on-line or downloaded as needed. Selecting the link will open the document PDF in a new browser tab. Right-click on the link and select "Save As" to download the PDF. Shift-click will open the PDF in a new browser window.

:j_arcv60 Convert Arcs To Version 6.0
:j_arris Open A New ARRIS Window
:j_audio Play An Audio File
:j_browser Open A Given URL In The Default Web Browser
:j_caps Convert String To Upper Case
:j_centroid Find The Centroid Of A Pattern Or Zone Boundary
:j_chasepl Chase Polyline Boundary And Put Vertices in Array
:j_chasexh Chase Pattern Boundary And Put Vertices in Array
:j_chasezn Chase Zone Boundary And Put Vertices in Array
:j_cleanup Perform Cleanup Functions
:j_cpdir Copy Directory
:j_date Return Automatic Date From The System
:j_delim Set File Path Delimiter
:j_dirlist List Directory To Array Global Variable
:j_dorfixoff Fix Door Offsets For RIs With Negative X Scale
:j_drlayers Get List Of Layers In A Drawing
:j_edrilibflg Edit Repeated Item Library Flag
:j_explorer Open Windows Explorer
:j_ez Open The Specified .ez File In eZ
:j_feetinch Convert Decimal Feet To Feet And Inches
:j_fonttable Font Table Number
:j_fraction Fraction Conversion
:j_getflg Get System Flag Value
:j_getflgdb Get System Flag Value On Current Database Entity
:j_hostid Get System Host ID Number
:j_image Open Specified Image File
:j_inpmnbx Input With Echo To A Menu Box
:j_libtable Library Table Number
:j_lightscape Open The Specified File In Lightscape
:j_longstring Display A Long Text String In A Pop-Up Menu
:j_lowc Convert String To Lower Case
:j_menucol Convert To/From High Color Colormap Menu Colors
:j_mnar Menu Archive
:j_mnimage Place A Raster Image In A Menu Box
:j_msexcel Open The Specified File In Microsoft Excel
:j_msword Open The Specified File In Microsoft Word
:j_pdf Open The Specified File In PDF Reader
:j_pointangle Get Angle Between 3 Points
:j_restart Restart ARRIS In A New Window
:j_riar Repeated Item Archive
:j_riextrema Repeated Item Extrema
:j_rirename Check For Invalid Repeated Item Names And Rename
:j_ritxto80 Convert Text In Repeated Items To 8.0 Format
:j_setflg Set System Flag Value
:j_sketchup Open Given SketchUp File In SketchUp
:j_sort Sort Listings In Global Variable
:j_sqldatabase Launch A SQL Database File And Execute A Macro
:j_startcmd User Defined Startup Command
:j_time Return The Current Time From The System
:j_timer Elapsed Time Timer
:j_txeditor Open The Specified Text File In The Default Text Editor
:j_userrw User Read/Write Permissions
:j_video Play A Video File
:j_websql Launch Smart Repeated Item Datalink WEB SQL Macro
:j_wkdy Return Day Of The Week From The System
:j_xhconv Convert Crosshatch To Version 6.0

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