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$ Utilities

ARRIS Utilities are internal C++ compiled programs which perform a very specific function within ARRIS. They are Sigmac programming utilities, designed to be used within Sigmac programs to perform their designated function. They are often referred to as $ (Dollar) utilities because in the Sigmac syntax, the utility name is always preceeded by a $ character. ARRIS $ Utilities are not interactive, meaning that all arguments needed for the utility must be provided at the time the utility is called. Some utilities return values, either a calculated result of the specific utility task, or an error code.

While designed to be used within a Sigmac program, an ARRIS $ Utility may be typed at the keyboard and executed on the command line in ARRIS. This is useful for testing and an occasional reading of a particular variable or system flag.

There are currently 638 $ utilities available in ARRIS. The ARRIS $ Utility Reference is intended as an A to Z reference to the ARRIS $ Utilities available for use in Sigmac programming.

For each $ Utility, the documentation provides a Description of the utility, the Group in which the utility is included, the Syntax of the utility, a list of Arguments with a description of each, an Example use of the utility, a list of Related Utilities, and Notes or other information which is helpful in using the utility. Each Argument used in the utility is noted as to it's variable type - Integer, Real Number, String, or Point. Optional arguments are noted as such and are included in the Syntax of the utility by surrounding brackets [ ].

All ARRIS $ Utilities are divided into Groups by function. Each group is color coded on this site and in the documentation for easy reference. The groups and descriptions are listed below. Links to the group pages are in the column to the left. The group pages contain document links to the utilities within that group. On the group page the utilities are listed in alphabetical order.

$ Utility documentation is in PDF format which may be viewed on-line or downloaded as needed. Selecting the link will open the document PDF in a new browser tab. Right-click on the link and select "Save As" to download the PDF. Shift-click will open the PDF in a new browser window.

General: General Utilities
Database: Add to, change, or delete from the ARRIS Database
Screen/GUI: Manipulate the ARRIS Screen or Menu system.
Variable: Set, retrieve, or manipulate user variables, variable types, or system flags.
Mathematic: Perform mathematic functions.
Text Data System: Manipulate the ARRIS Text Data file system.
Database Data System: Manipulate the ARRIS Database Data file system.
External: Operating system manipulation and system calls.
Output: Data output such as plotting and printing.
Not Used: The utility is not, and should not be used in ARRIS.