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Smart Repeated Items
Repeated Items have been enhanced so that you can add "Smart Repeated Item" Data to them. In addition to the graphic Repeated Item Smart Repeated Items have a Description and 4 user defined attributes. The description is 1 line. The 4 user defined attributes each have a 1 line user defined title, and then one or more lines of data. Smart RI data is defined in the Repeated Item Library Manager. The SRI data is stored in a Smart RI library, which parallels the graphic RI library. The SRI library must have the same base name as the RI library, has a .sri extension, and must be in the same directory as the RI library.

Smart RI Reporting:  Smart Repeated Item data for Smart Repeated Items in the current drawing may be reported in 3 formats - PDF, HTML, and CSV.

User Toolbars
User Toolbars may now be created using menus with different numbers and sizes of toolbar boxes available. Each box is user defined with both a left click and right click command option. The visual display of the box includes both text and RI icons as before but has been enhanced for the use of color in the display. The system also facilitates the easy creation and use of multiple toolbars and easy on the fly switching between them.

(A new User Toolbar Manager has been included to facilitate the creation and definition of User Toolbars. A toolbar is created using one of 10 available menus "out of the box" or from a menu that the user has custom created. Assignment of the box text/icon, one or more left click command strings, and one or more right click command strings for each box is simple. The "On The Fly" Add to Toolbar function from the Help menu and the various Select menus has been retained and enhanced. Toolbars may be saved to either the User Home or Standards directory and are may also be selected and loaded in the User Toolbar Manager.)
Drawing Manager

A new Drawing Manager has been created for ARRIS which allows simple visual management of drawings and layers within drawings. A simple grid shows all layers in a database down the left side, and all drawings in the database across the top. The selection of which drawings each layer is to be included in is a simple matter of selecting the layer row and drawing column. The layer may be included either read/write or read only. The Drawing Manager includes functions to create, delete, rename, and duplicate drawings. A preview function allows you to view a listing of layers and descriptions for one drawing at a time. The Drawing Manager also includes functions to create, delete, rename, renumber, and edit the description of layers (similar to the Layer Manager). Layer numbering may be automatically synchronized across all drawings in a database. There is also a function to update the master drawing layers from the disk in cases where the master.dr needs to be cleaned up.

ARRIS Architect Ceilings

The ARRIS Architect Ceilings menu has been overhauled and updated.
The ceiling grids now use the Pattern entity enhancements introduced in ARRIS 9.4. The grid pattern may be automatically generated by setting the tile size. There is also provision for placing the grid pattern origin as the grid is placed. The Patterns Geometry Edit functions may now be used on Ceiling Grids.

There are 120 new ceiling fixture Repeated Items, along with a new catalog for selection. Masked fixtures may be placed which block out the ceiling grid below, or an enhanced "pattern cut" program may be used to cut holes in the ceiling grid where fixtures are placed.
Patterns Enhancements

ARRIS Patterns have been enhanced and now include 2 new parameters. These are displayed and set on the Patterns Status menu. The Display Order may now be set which allows you to place a Pattern "In Front" of (as before) or "In Back" of other entities on the layer. The "Front" setting places the Pattern at the end of the current work layer. The "Back" setting places the Pattern at the beginning of the current work layer. The new Re-Display parameter if set to "ON" will redisplay the screen when Patterns are placed or edited. This is important if patterns - particularly fills and masks - are placed behind other entities and allows the Pattern to display properly in context. The Re-Display may be turned off in situations where the redisplay is too cumbersome or time consuming.

The Pattern Geometry Edits have 2 new functions to reflect the new layer order capability. Patterns may now be edited to "Display In Front" or "Display In Back", shifting the Pattern's order in the layer to the end or beginning respectively.

The Pattern Status menu has been updated to show only the parameters which apply to the currently set Pattern Type (Lines, RI Fill, or Solid Fill). It also contains several new right click and mouse scroll wheel functions.
ARRIS Status Menus
The ARRIS Line, Text, Notes, Dimension, Patterns, Repeated Item, and Zone Status menus have been updated and include a lot of new functionality. "Paper Space" sizes such as Text Size and Leader Symbol Size are now shown in fractions of an inch (i.e. 1/8" instead of .125) when the Output Display Format Units are Imperial (Feet or Inches) and the Output Display Format is set to Fractions. The Fractional display is also now used on the Line, Text, Dimension and Pattern Create menus, in the Note Parameter Manager, and in the Note Catalog Manager. There are many new right-click and scroll wheel functions on the Line,Text, Note, Patterns, Repeated Item, Dimension, and Zone Status menus to make setting parameters quicker and easier. 
Enhanced Panning

The ARRIS Pan feature has been enhanced. While panning, the cursor now drags an image of the screen, eliminating the need to refresh the screen during the pan. The screen is now refreshed once when the mouse is released at the end of the Pan motion. This makes panning many times faster than before and elminiates the annoying "flickering" of the redisplay during the pan. The ARRIS Pan feature is now very similar in user experience to other software where the screen is dragged (i.e. Google Maps, etc.)

Note that ARRIS now has 3 different ways of panning:

1. Hold the <Shift> button down and left click and hold with the mouse and drag
the screen.
2. Select the Dynamic View Pan icon on the View Control Bar and then left click
and hold with the mouse and drag the screen.
3. Set the Middle Mouse button for Pan in the User Preferences menu. In this
mode you can click and hold the middle mouse button and drag the screen.
New Scale Menu

The ARRIS Scale Pull-Down menu is being overhauled to make setting the drawing scale more simple and intuitive. The scale may be set by a ratio, or by selecting one of the common Imperial Architectural, Imperial Engineering, or Metric ratio scales on the menu. Scales that are sometimes used but were previously not available on the menu have been added. The Settings and Database Format menus have also been updated.

Misc. Enhancements

Bottom menu in ARRIS has been expanded to include the "Tools" and "eZ" buttons on the right side of the menu system under the Application Sub-Menu. These fixed buttons were moved to this menu to help facilitate the new User Toolbar function. The User Toolbar and Status menus now appear over the top of portions of the Bottom menu which extends the full width across the ARRIS display. The XY Forcing, Distance Relative, Pen, and Color boxes on the Bottom menu have also been updated to be consistent with other Parameter Status boxes found on the Status menu.

A new
Apply Indicator bar has been added to menus and programs which have an "Apply" function to accept changes. Rather than displaying the "Apply" text itself in yellow to indicate unsaved changes, a bar is included on the left end of the button. This is much easier to read.

Plot menu and Plot Project Pages menu have new right click functions added to clear X and Y offsets to 0.

Export To PDF and Export Project Pages to PDF menus have new right click functions added to clear PDF margins to 0.

Project Page / Database Drawing/Sheet Select menu has been updated so that the Recent Documents function does not alter the current Drawing 

Sheet filter setting. Recent Documents does not filter and both Drawings and Sheets are shown in the Recent Documents display, however the previous Drawing / Sheet filter setting is retained when the menu is next used for normal selection.

A new
Plot To File option has been added to the Project Page / Database Drawing/Sheet Select menu. This allows you to plot Pages / Drawings / Sheets to a .hpg, .plt, .pl or raster file directly from this menu, similar to functions on the Plot menu.

A new
RGB input menu has been created to visually select RGB values for RGB color input in functions which use RGB input. These functions include the Define Penmap menu, and the new Smart Repeated Item PDF Report menu.

Layer Manager Layer Add function has been updated to add keyboard input response directly in the pop-up menu boxes where the input is being added.

Additional menus which have
slidebars have been updated for mouse scroll wheel functionality.
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